Aeon Stands and Mounts 40200 full motion TV wall mount with 28″ Extension (Black)

This premium full motion sliding and swivel TV mount extends 28 inches and pivots / swings right or left for optimal viewing. The 28 inch extending arm will allow a 55″ tv to pivot a full 90 degrees without hitting wall. Great for us as a corner tv mount or for centering on the wall between studs.

The most unique feature of this mount is the right to left adjustment capability.. Maybe you don’t like the position of your TV on the wall ? Simply move the sliding arm left or right on the wall bracket up to 14 inches. Voila ! Now it is perfectly centered on your wall and or perfectly positioned in the corner. Movement is easy with this Swivel TV Mount, simply push or pull your TV to the desired location, and it will move easily and freely, no tools required. With up to 180 degrees of free movement, your TV can be viewed from any angle. The post installation leveling feature will insure you have a perfect installation every time; even if you mounted it crooked on the wall. Easy to use built in cable management is included for a clean look and will prevent pinching / breaking of your audio video and power cables.

Fits all Plasma, LCD, and LED TVs with a mounting hole pattern (VESA) between 200x200mm to 600x400mm. This means it can fit TV’s from 32 all the way up to 60 inches in size. Please confirm for your television’s mounting hole pattern or VESA SIZE.

– Swivel arms slide right and left up to 12 inches
– +5 degree and -15 degree tilt
– Pivots up to 180 degrees
– Extension: 3.0 inch to 28 inches
– Designed for dual stud 16 inch on center studs or concrete
– Maximum TV weight: 80 lbs
– Includes all hardware for installation to wood stud or concrete wall.

Product Features

  • Full motion arm extends 28 inches away from the wall yet retracts to a slim 3.0 inch profile. With a 26 inch extension and a single pivoting point you can swivel a 50 inch 90 degrees in either direction without hitting the wall. Great for when the placement of your studs is not in the center of the location of where you want your TV to be placed on the wall. Also great for getting a perfectly placed arm horizontally closer to the corner of the wall or farther away.
  • Included HDMI Cable in the box. This mount passed a safety bearing 500 pounds without failure. So you can be insured that it will safely hold your TV for a long time to come even without sagging or deflection. The extra duty metal and swivel joints insure easy movement of the arms for the life of the mount. Other mounts tend to deflect overtime and cause deflection and difficult movements over time.
  • Post installation leveling allows you to adjust / level this mount after it is installed. Simply pivot the TV while it is still mounted on the wall to your liking and tighten in place.
  • If you need to install on 24″ wide studs, consider Aeon 40300. This mount (only) installs on two 16 inch on center wood studs, concrete or masonry with the provided hardware. To purchase the larger version of this mount for 24 inch on center studs please consider model: Aeon 40300. This mount is definitely not recommended for installing directly onto drywall.

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3 thoughts on “Aeon Stands and Mounts 40200 full motion TV wall mount with 28″ Extension (Black)

  1. Best Mount Out There! This mount is incredible. We have tried 3-4 others, and actually even ripped one down and put it back in the box to take back, because we hated it so much. This one has so much flexibility, you can everything centered & leveled just right (my OCD appreciates this immensely!). Also, the turn radius is so great. I can turn my 55in TV perpendicular to the wall it’s mounted on, and best of all, I can do that with 2 fingers! I’m a 5’6″ wimpy kinda girl with no upper body strength, haha, and I…

  2. Super Sturdy and a Long reach on the swing arm I put a new Visio 42 inch tv on this wall mount. It works great. There is 25 inches of extension and the tv swings a full 180 degrees.You can move the tv 4 feet across the wall.This puts the TV in the center of the room or 4 feet over to be in front of a treadmill.The large back plate installs over 2 wall studs. The center pivot point can be moved any where between the studs, in 2 inch increments. My setup ended up with the pivot point directly over the…

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