Cheetah Mounts ALAMB Articulating Arm TV and LCD Monitor Wall Mount, for 12 to 24″ Displays up to 40 Lbs, Includes a Twisted Veins 10 Foot HDMI cable

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This mount, the ALAMB, is best suited for small computer monitors or TVs up to about 24″. It CAN be used for many of today’s displays up to 32″ as long as they use a VESA 100 hole pattern and weigh less than 40lbs. However, Cheetah also makes a larger version of this mount, the ALAMLB, which is sold separately at Amazon and which is recommended for displays larger than 24″. If you do opt for the ALAMLB for the larger displays, you will also get 21″ of extension versus the 14″ on the ALAMB, plus the option of VESA 200 and 400 should you need to upgrade in the future.

The ALAMB mount weighs less than 5lbs. Most of today’s displays in the 24″ and under category weigh less than 15lbs with their pedestal bases removed. Thus, it is typically the case that this mount and display can be mounted by a single person. It IS possible for the TV plate to be attached to the back of your display and for the wall plate and arms to be attached to your wall and then for the two sections to be combined in the most convenient “lift and lock” mounting method.

To mount into wooden studs, it is recommended to drill a pilot hole which does require a drill and a drill bit. Similarly, to mount into masonry, a drill and masonry bit is required. The rest of the hardware and tools required are fairly standard.

Should you encounter any problems with your mount, in addition to Amazon’s seller support and return policies, Cheetah Mounts’ authorized sellers all have staff trained in the details of these mounts and are ready to assist. Simply message your authorized seller through Amazon. All Cheetah Mounts come with 100% lifetime guarantees.

Product Features

  • Fits Essentially All Monitors and TVs up to 24″. Almost all displays 24″ or less use a VESA 100 or smaller hole pattern which this mount supports. VESA 100 means that the mounting holes are about 100mm or 4″ apart or less on the back of your display. Many larger displays up to 32″ actually use this same VESA 100 hole pattern and this mount CAN work but we recommend the larger ALAMLB sold separately at Amazon for displays larger than 24″.
  • Mounting Hardware Included. This mount includes hardware to mount into wooden studs and masonry. It also includes 4 and 5mm hardware to attach to the back of your TV.
  • 10′ Twisted Veins HDMI Cable Included. Your Cheetah ALAMB does not only include an HDMI cable, it includes a genuine Twisted Veins 10′ HDMI cable. These cables sell separately at Amazon for over $7. This cable is a full 10′ rather than the more typical 6′ to accommodate wall mounting of an arm wall mount. These cables are braided, gold plated, high speed with Ethernet, and support the latest HDMI standard.
  • Over 14″ of extension yet only 2.5″ when collapsed. If you choose to push your display up against the wall, this mount will fold on itself and take up only 2.5″ of profile depth in the folded position. However, if you extend it fully, the arms will extend out to 14.5″.
  • Landscape or Portrait Orientation. This mount uses a unique ball design which allows for 360 degrees of rotation adjustment. This means that it is possible for your display to change from the normal horizontal or landscape orientation to the vertical or portrait orientation. Many web pages and documents are easier to see the entire page in this format. In addition to 360 degrees of rotation, the mount allows for 15 degrees of tilt and 180 degrees of swivel.

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Swift Mount SWIFT100-AP Low Profile TV Wall Mount for TVs up to 25-inch

The SWIFT100-AP is a flat-to-wall TV mount for flat panel TVs up 33 lbs (to 25”). Profile is only 0.58″ from the wall. It is VESA compatible with hole patterns 50×50, 75×75 and 100x100mm. The SWIFT100-AP flat to wall TV mount not only saves valuable shelf space or floor space, but it also safely secures your TV to the wall preventing it from accidentally tipping over. Its easy to assemble design allows for quick installation. Flat-to-Wall mounts are a great choice when low profile mounting is preferred, and managing lighting/glare issues is not a priority.

Product Features

  • Fixed Position, TV Wall Mount with .58″ Mounting Profile
  • Supports TVs up to 33 lbs
  • 50×50 to 100x100mm VESA Mounting Patterns
  • Quick, Easy, and Secure Installation with Included Hardware
  • Basic Packaging to Minimize Waste

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DoubleSight Single Monitor Gas Spring Flex Arm Fully Adjustable Height Tilt Pivot VESA 75mm/100mm up 27″ Monitor

DoubleSight’s Single Monitor Flex Arm Series is the perfect mounting solution for LCD Monitors, All-in-One Computers and Televisions. DoubleSight’s DS-20PHS Single Monitor Flex Arm’s Pole Style Arm includes an articulating Arm which is pole mounted creating an extremely flexible solution. The Flex Arm design is adjustable for height, tilt, pivot and swivel for a truly custom view. DoubleSight’s Flex Design offers the user complete flexibility when installing their monitor on the desktop. Both Swing and Articulating Style Arms provide multiple pivot points designed to allow the user to adjust the arms according to user preference. Arms are mounted to a center pole which provides both height and swivel rotation. The VESA brackets are hinged to adjust viewing angles, as well as, a 90 Degree pivot to change from landscape to portrait views. Monitors can also be pulled in close when needed or moved back out of the way when not needed. Monitors can swivel a full 360 Degree on center which is great for sharing the view with someone sitting across a desk or counter. Flex Arms feature a heavy weight Clamp Base for a secure mount and a measure of stability not found in other stands. The Flex Pole assembly can also be secured into the desk top with the optional Grommet Base (DS-ArmGrmt). Flex Arms can also be Wall Mounted with our Wall Mount Bracket (DS-WMBracket) option. All DoubleSight Multi Monitor Flex Stands and Arms ship completely assembled saving you time and eliminating the assembly frustrations. No assembly required – simply attached your monitors and enjoy the view. Like all DoubleSight Monitor Mounting Hardware, the DS-20PHS comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Product Features

  • Universal Monitor Arm Desk Mount
  • 20 Lbs
  • Taa
  • Accomodates Monitors up to 30″
  • Adjusts for Height, Tilt, Pivot and Swivel
  • Ergonomic Solution relieves users stress to eyes, neck and back
  • Installs in minutes, no tools required
  • VESA Compatible
  • Lifetime Warranty

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