Gladiator Joe Monitor Arm/Mount VESA Bracket Adapter Compatible with Samsung 27″ Curved Display Monitor CF591-100% Made in North America | This Item Will NOT Work with The C32F397FW Monitor

Transform your non-VESA Compliant monitor into VESA-compatible one. Reorganize your work environment into a space saving and efficient and pleasant area.
Use any single, multiple stands or table mount to create the architectural space desired and envision. Achieve sustainable cost saving by using high-quality monitors with GJ VESA adapter, or using your existing non-compliant VESA monitors.

Every VESA mount are made from hot rolled Certified North American steel sheet, procedure that grants high quality ending product resulting in a more durable and strong building material.

All Gladiator Joe VESA wall mount adapter are laser cut to provide stronger and less flexible for a higher stability display supports. Laser cutting is a technology that uses laser to cut material, and it present many quality advantages:

  • Clean cut edges without burr or dust formation
  • Cutting of extremely fine contours
  • Low thermal influence
  • No material deformation due to contact-less material processing
  • High level of precision
  • Less bending

Silver and White

75mmx75mm, 100mmx100mm


  • SAMSUNG 27″ Curved Display Monitor: CF591

    Product Features

    • Our VESA Adapters embody a unique solution to solve the Monitor to VESA hole pattern compatibility issue. Studied and designed to be strong, and avoid bending. We strive to create products that are long lasting and most importantly; keep your monitors safe and secure, all while giving you the luxury of extra desk space and ergonomically friendly options.
    • MODELS SUPPORTED: SAMSUNG CF591(LC27F591FDNXZA) (LC27F591FDU) (LC27F591FDUXEN) –Will not work with any other Samsung model other than the one listed. ****THIS ITEM WILL NOT WORK WITH THE C32F397FW MONITOR****
    • VESA BRACKET PATTERN: 75mmx75mm, 100mmx100mm
    • Material: Certified Canadian Steel Process: Laser Cut | Samsung monitor VESA adapter bracket 100% made in Canada
    • Taking in our customers monitor mounting needs, Gladiator Joe Inc. offers a solution to mount your non-VESA compliant monitor. Use our products as the adapter between your specific monitor to desk mounts. Please send us an inquiry for any monitors that you do not see listed, as we are always looking to our customers to further our adapters and other designs.

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3 thoughts on “Gladiator Joe Monitor Arm/Mount VESA Bracket Adapter Compatible with Samsung 27″ Curved Display Monitor CF591-100% Made in North America | This Item Will NOT Work with The C32F397FW Monitor

  1. Probably the best adapter on the market This adapter is almost perfect. I own two 27″ model CF591 Samsung curve monitors. They are super gorgeous and I am so happy with the monitors.Most newer models of curve monitors have this single mounting fixture in the back and they don’t have 4 holes on the back to fix a mounting plate to the back of it to use with a wall mount or some type of adjustable mount. My guess is this is for balance and weight distribution and to prevent damage to cruve-style monitors.I…

  2. Very solid build quality – cleanly and securely corrects Samsung’s lame-o design flaw There are times when you pay a good chunk of change for a top-name something-something, and assume that this something-something has all of the bells and whistles that come standard on similar, but lesser-known, items. Such was the case when I purchased the curved Samsung CF591 27″ monitor. While I remain thrilled with its sleek looks, its vibrant picture and overall build, why Samsung couldn’t find a spot on the back of the monitor — on its vast horizon of empty space — for 4 little…

  3. Perfect for my dual C27F591 setup! I already had two VESA-mount arms () when I purchased two 27″ curved Samsung displays () and nervously hoped this unofficial aftermarket adapter would adapt…

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