HIDEit X1X Xbox One X Wall Mount and (2) Controller Wall Mounts (Xbox One X Bundle) – HIDEit Behind the TV or DISPLAYit – Made in the USA and Trusted Worldwide Since 2009

The Xbox One X is one attractive game console! Our X1X mount bundle was designed exclusively for the Xbox One X and is a sleek way to securely store your Xbox and controllers on the wall behind or next to your wall mounted TV.

Got Questions? Get Answers!

  • The Xbox One X was designed for vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • X1X will not work with other Xbox models (see our X1S for the Xbox One S, and Uni-MW for other Xbox models).
  • Wireless and Wi-Fi signal is not impacted by the X1X Mount.
  • Xbox Controllers do not require line of sight.


Compatibility: Xbox One X, Released 2017. Not compatible with Original Xbox One, Released 2013 or Xbox One S, Released 2016. Controller Mounts are Universal and work with most Game Controllers.
Accessories: (2) HIDEit Controller Mounts
Included: #8 Flat Countersink Screws, Drywall Anchors, M4 and M6 VESA Screws
Material: 16-Gauge Cold-Rolled Steel
Color: Black Powder-Coat (Matte).

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Product Features

  • WALL MOUNT FOR CONVENIENT ACCESS. Mount your Microsoft Xbox One X console behind the TV for a clean gaming setup or DISPLAYit on the wall to show off your limited edition Xbox in style. Controller Mounts make it easy to organize your favorite controllers!
  • CUSTOM MOUNT DESIGN. Designed specifically for the Xbox One X, the HIDEit X1X Mount can be wall, under-desk and VESA mounted, making it easy to HIDEit. The unique wrap design and tab ensures that your Xbox is secure while mounted.
  • KEEP YOUR XBOX X COOL. The HIDEit X1X doesn’t block vent openings, ensuring maximum airflow. Unlike most media cabinets and TV stands, the HIDEit Xbox One X Wall Mount won’t trap heat, keeping your Xbox console cool.
  • STEEL FOR ULTIMATE STRENGTH. Like your TV wall mount, the HIDEit X1X Wall Mount is made in the USA from 16 gauge, cold-rolled steel for strength you can trust. Powder-coat finish won’t rust or chip and protects your Xbox One X and Xbox controllers from scratches.
  • INSTALLit IN JUST 3 EASY STEPS. No complicated templates. Drill not required. Stud mounting optional. Includes flat head drywall screws, drywall anchors rated for 25 pounds each, M4 and M6 VESA screws.

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3 thoughts on “HIDEit X1X Xbox One X Wall Mount and (2) Controller Wall Mounts (Xbox One X Bundle) – HIDEit Behind the TV or DISPLAYit – Made in the USA and Trusted Worldwide Since 2009

  1. Easy install – Even easier on the eyes. These were very easy to install and they look great. I have the green Xbox One S (Battlefield 1 Special Edition), but the white mount still looks great. I installed this in less than 10 minutes after I put up the TV mount, but before I hung the TV on it. All the cords are gone! We couldn’t be more pleased.I can’t believe how well the cradles hold the controllers – based on the look (i.e. no clasp) I didn’t expect them to hold the controllers with such great stability.One…

  2. Simple. Invisible. Elegant. How do you take a picture of a product you can’t see?! Well, maybe you can see it a bit, but it looks great. This mount let’s me seamlessly mount my Xbox at the edge of the TV that I put in my kids’ playroom. I didn’t want to put it completely behind the TV because of ventilation, but I think it looks great like this. It hides the HDMi cable behind the TV. I may move the power outlet up higher behind it too so you don’t see any cables at all! Now, I just need to order two more mounts for two…

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