OmniMount OS120FM Full Motion TV Mount for 42-Inch to 70-Inch TVs

The OS120FM is a large full motion mount designed with patented technology and precise engineering, making positioning a TV smooth and easy while ensuring that it stays in the desired place. Quality craftsmanship ensures a dependable performance for the lifetime of the product. Fits most with 42 to 70 inch TVs and supports up to 120 lbs of weight

Product Features

  • Low profile design nests TV close to wall and tilts to reduce screen glare
  • Pans left and right between rooms or seating areas
  • Fluidly repositions TV and holds in desired position
  • Lift n’ Lock for easy 3-step installation
  • Special channel routes cables from TV to wall helping eliminate clutter

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2 thoughts on “OmniMount OS120FM Full Motion TV Mount for 42-Inch to 70-Inch TVs

  1. OmniMount OS120T Review Some installation tips before I forget them:1) The stud in the wall was a couple inches off center of desired TV location. And if I centered the wall mount bar on this stud, I couldn’t quite pick up another stud. The slotted holes in the wall mount bar, allowed me to shift the bar in the direction I wanted to locate the TV to pick up a 2nd stud. So the bar isn’t centered on the back of the TV, slightly offset but secured by 2 studs (provided) and 1 Hollow Wall Anchor (not provided) and…

  2. Very sturdy, excellent quality. Holds my 83 lbs 60″ HDTV just fine attached to only one wall stud in the center of mount. Tools needed:Power DrillPencilPhilips screw driverSocket wrenchTape Measure7/32″ drill bit for stud3/8″ drill bit for concreteA quality level ( don’t go to cheap on the level you use)At least one wall stud, two prefered (but I installed to just one wall stud), or a concrete wall.Step 1 – Attach the mounting plate and extender supports to TV back.Installation of the wall mount itself does not take very…

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