Sanus Super Low Profile Fixed Position TV Wall Mount Bracket for 40″ – 80″ TVs – Features Slim 1″ Profile, Easy Access To Cables, Simple Install – OLL15-B1

The sleek SANUS fixed-position TV mount provides a modern look and aesthetic holding your TV just 1″ off the wall. This ultra-low profile mount has an open wall plate design to accommodate for extra cables and provides room for an electrical outlet.

Even though this is a fixed wall mount, we don’t skimp on the features. You can easily level your TV and center it with surroundings after you finish your installation to make your TV picture perfect. We included a quick-release lock to allow for easy access to cables behind your TV when hooking your components up. We provide an easy 1, 2, 3 step installation and include a drilling template to simplify the process.

The SANUS difference

When you buy from SANUS, not only you are you getting an awesome set of specs, but also peace of mind. At SANUS, safety is our number one priority, that is why all our mounts are engineered in the US to be durable, safe, and effective. Our TV mounts are safety tested and UL certified, meaning they have tested and verified to hold 4x the weight they are rated to.

With most online sellers, you’d be lucky to get a poorly written email response to your product or install questions. We don’t think that is acceptable. Our expert US-based customer care team is available 7-days a week, and ready to help you with your project, and even walk you through your installation.

Worried about compatibility with your TV? Each of our wall brackets was built to accommodate a wide range of VESA patterns (the holes on the back of your TV), and includes the right screws to fit different TV brands. Supported VESA patterns for this low profile TV mount include:

  • 100×100
  • 200×100
  • 200×200
  • 300×200
  • 300×300
  • 400×300
  • 400×400
  • 600×400

Still unsure? We’re here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about this product.

Product Features

  • The ultra low profile design holds your TV a razor thin 1″ from the wall. SANUS mounts are built to be compatible with almost every TV.
  • Accessing cables behind the thin profile is made simple with the quick release mechanism.
  • Easy 3 step install in under 30 minutes. Includes wall drilling template, and divided hardware. SANUS mounts are built to be compatible with almost every TV.
  • Nobody’s perfect. After installing on up to 24″ studs, quickly level and center your TV for a perfect picture, every time.
  • With SANUS, you get a top quality product backed by our US-based customer care team, which is ready to answer your questions 7 days a week.

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3 thoughts on “Sanus Super Low Profile Fixed Position TV Wall Mount Bracket for 40″ – 80″ TVs – Features Slim 1″ Profile, Easy Access To Cables, Simple Install – OLL15-B1

  1. Excellent High Quality Heavy Duty TV Mount This is an excellent high quality TV mount. It is very heavy duty and includes a set of all the different types of screws that may be needed for different TV so should fit just about every TV out there. The close 1 inch makes for a super low profile but gives enough room for the cables and for air circulation around the TV to avoid any over heating which could damage or shorten the life of the electronic. If your TV has an irregular back or something in which you want a little more gap to…

  2. Gluing your TV to the wall is the only way to get it closer than what this mount can do One thing to keep in mind is get a mount like this one where the main bracket that bolts to the wall is one piece. Never ever ever save a few dollars and get a TV mount where this particular piece comes into sections that you have to bolt together. They are never level and not worth some money savings. This is an excellent amount for the money; very easy to install, and is very secure. One thing that really stands out after purchasing several mounts for several TVs over the years, is this…

  3. Really nice with a “But” It’s a really nice piece of wall mount! It comes in with screws + 1 set of spacer applicable to various TV sizes. I tried it out on two TV sets that I have (a 52″ and a 65″), it is pretty easy to set up. Once completed, it is so close to the wall. Everything looks great. However, there a “but” – given this as a “low-profile” mount, it really depends on your good wiring planning beforehand. Because once the TV is mounted, there is pretty much no room at all for you to…

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