Gladiator Joe Monitor Arm/Mount VESA Bracket Adapter Compatible with Dell SE2219H, SE2219NX, SE2319HN, SE2419H, SE2419HN, SE2719H, SE2719NX Monitors – 100% Made in North America

Transform your non-VESA Compliant monitor into VESA-compatible one. Reorganize your work environment into a space saving and efficient and pleasant area.
Use any single, multiple stands or table mount to create the architectural space desired and envision. Achieve sustainable cost saving by using high-quality monitors with GJ VESA adapter, or using your existing non-compliant VESA monitors.

Every VESA mount are made from hot rolled Certified North American steel sheet, procedure that grants high quality ending product resulting in a more durable and strong building material.

All Gladiator Joe VESA wall mount adapter are laser cut to provide stronger and less flexible for a higher stability display supports. Laser cutting is a technology that uses laser to cut material, and it present many quality advantages:

  • Clean cut edges without burr or dust formation
  • Cutting of extremely fine contours
  • Low thermal influence
  • No material deformation due to contactless material processing
  • High level of precision
  • Less bending


75mmx75mm, 100mmx100mm


  • SE2219H
  • SE2219HN
  • SE2219NX
  • SE2319H
  • SE2319HN
  • SE2319NX
  • SE2419H
  • SE2419HN
  • SE2419NX
  • SE2719H
  • SE2719HN
  • SE2719NX
  • S2219H
  • S2219HN
  • S2219NX
  • S2319H
  • S2319HN
  • S2319NX
  • S2419H
  • S2419HN
  • S2419NX
  • S2719H
  • S2719HN
  • S2719NX

Product Features

  • Our VESA Adapters embody a unique solution to solve the Monitor to VESA hole pattern compatibility issue. Studied and designed to be strong, and avoid bending. We strive to create products that are long lasting and most importantly; keep your monitors safe and secure, all while giving you the luxury of extra desk space and ergonomically friendly options.
  • DELL Vesa Adapter for SE2219H, S2219H, SE2219HN, S2219HN, SE2219NX, S2219NX, SE2319H, S2319H, SE2319HN, S2319HN, SE2319NX, S2319NX, SE2419H, S2419H, SE2419HN, S2419HN, SE2419NX, S2419NX, SE2719H, S2719H, SE2719HN, S2719HN, SE2719NX, S2719NX
  • VESA BRACKET PATTERN: 75mmx75mm, 100mmx100mm – Gladiator Joe Inc. has not tested our VESA adapters for vertical use. Please use discretion if you decide to do so.
  • Material: Certified Canadian Steel Process: Laser Cut | Dell monitor VESA adapter bracket 100% made in Canada
  • Taking in our customers monitor mounting needs, Gladiator Joe Inc. offers a solution to mount your non-VESA compliant monitor. Use our products as the adapter between your specific monitor to desk mounts. Please send us an inquiry for any monitors that you do not see listed, as we are always looking to our customers to further our adapters and other designs.

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VIVO VESA Adapter Plate Bracket Designed for Asus Monitors MX259H, MX259HS, MX279H, MX25AQ, and MX27AQ | VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm Conversion Kit (MOUNT-ASMX01)

Mount your compatible Asus monitor with our VESA adapter bracket (MOUNT-ASMX01) from VIVO! Simply remove the existing base, and install our bracket in its place for monitor mounting capabilities. This adapter is capable of fitting any VESA 75x75mm and 100x100mm stand or wall mount. Both sturdy and low-profile, the bracket is constructed entirely of durable steel to keep your monitor safe and secure. We include the necessary hardware to secure the bracket to a VESA mount for an enhanced workstation experience.

Fits Only the Following Asus Models: MX259H, MX279H, MX25AQ, MX27AQ
VESA Compatible: 75x75mm and 100x100mm

Color: Black
Material: Steel
Bracket Dimensions: 4.5″ x 3.8″ x 8.8″
Profile: Screen sits approximately 4″ closer with this adapter

Product Features

  • VIVO ADAPTER SOLUTIONS – Please be sure and check the model of your monitor before ordering!! This bracket is designed to fit only the following Asus Monitor models: MX259H, MX259HS, MX279H, MX25AQ, and MX27AQ. — Design Patent Pending —
  • CABLE MANAGEMENT – The back of the bracket features an opening for cable management to give your setup a clean and organized display. Slip your cables right through the slot and run them back along the mounting arm.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION – Solid all steel construction is designed to keep your monitor safe and secure at all times.
  • COMPATIBILITY – Designed only for the Asus models listed above, this adapter provides mounting solutions for monitors that don’t have VESA holes, allowing them to fit standard VESA mounts 75x75mm and 100x100mm.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Get your Asus monitor mounted in no time with the provided hardware that secures the bracket to any VESA compatible stand or wall mount.

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Mount-It! VESA Mount Adapter Plate – Monitor and TV Mount Extender Conversion Kit Allows 75×75, 100×100 to Fit Up to 200×200 and 200×100 mm Patterns, Heavy-Gauge Steel, Hardware Included

VESA Mount Adapter Kit

Product Features

  • UNIVERSAL TV / MONITOR MOUNT ADAPTER: Don’t throw away your old TV mount or monitor stand just because you bought a new display with a larger mounting pattern. Use this TV wall mount adapter plate to extend the compatibility of your existing mount.
  • VESA adapter plate for wall mounts up to VESA 200×200 mm so that larger size TVs or monitors can be mounted. Converts VESA 75×75 and 100×100 mounting patterns to VESA 200×100 and 200×200.
  • SOLID STEEL VESA PLATE: Heavy-gauge steel construction. Load capacity of 66 lbs. Please note, the actual load capacity might be limited to the mount capacity and not the VESA adapter capacity.
  • VESA mount adapter fits most 32 to 55 inch flat panel LED and LCD TVs. With the adapter plate, we also provide larger bolts to connect to larger TVs. Most small TVs and Monitors use M4 Screws but larger screens use larger screws. Kit includes 4 pieces each of M6x30, M6x20, M6x14, M5x10, M5 washers and M5 Nuts.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Includes installation instructions and standard hardware kit.

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