TotalMount Apple TV Mount – Compatible with all Apple TVs including Apple TV 4K

PERFECT FOR WALL-MOUNTED TV OWNERS – People with wall-mounted televisions often wonder where to put their new Apple TV. One option is to tunnel an HDMI cable through a wall to an entertainment center, but this option is too destructive and time-consuming for most people. Another option is trying to balance the Apple TV on a fireplace ledge, which can lead to the Apple TV crashing to the floor the first time someone isn’t careful around the TV. For wall-mounted TV owners, the solution to the installation problem is simple: TotalMount attaches Apple TV to the back of the television.

Product Features

  • Mount for Apple TV (Apple TV and remote not included)
  • Perfect for wall-mounted televisions (Attaches Apple TV to the back of your television)
  • Compatible with all Apple TVs (including the new Apple TV 4K and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Apple TV generations)
  • Includes many premium, patented features
  • Includes three mounting options: innovative hooks for TV vents, special adhesive for elevated TV temperatures, and screws for wall mounting

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3 thoughts on “TotalMount Apple TV Mount – Compatible with all Apple TVs including Apple TV 4K

  1. Works as advertised. Works great! I used the stick on method and it seems to hold the Apple TV securely to the back of my flatscreen. Great fit!UPDATE: Mount has already fallen off TV with stick on method. Will try the hook method.UPDATE: Customer service if first rate, added an additional star because of this. I am now using the hooks on the TV and they work great!UPDATE: After taking the advice of customer service on the stick on method I can assuredly say it is improved. Very…

  2. Cheap plastic clips I like to keep my electronics nice and organized so when I seen this I was excited.It arrived fast and in perfect shape and I was happy with how easy it was to hang on the back of the TV.Then one dayI heard something fall and low and behold it was my AppleTV!!!Here one of the very thin plastic hooks broke. I pulled out my box and used a different set of clips that came with the holder thinking maybe I just had a bad clip. No such luck. A couple weeks later I see my AppleTV…

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