VIVO Quad Monitor Mount Fully Adjustable Desk Free Stand for 4 LCD Screens up to 27 inches (STAND-V004P)

Brand new quad monitor stand(STAND-V004P) from VIVO! Clear up valuable work space on your desk with this heavy duty four monitor free stand. Constructed of high grade steel, this stand was built to resist scratches and supports four lcd screens up to 17.6 lbs and 27″ in size each.

STAND-V004P offers a variety of features suited to the end users’ needs including easy height adjustment, 45 degree tilting angles for your screens, and 20 adjustable joints, all allowing you to create the best possible viewing angle. Tighten or loosen each joint to make your stand as fluid or stationary as desired. Monitors can be rotated to landscape and portrait positions.

Other features built into STAND-V004P include a cable management system for clean organization of power and video cables. The newly designed stand base is built to provide excelent stablization while maintaining a super low profile. The bottom of the base containes padding to protect your desk from scratches.

This is a standard VESA mount with 75 X 75 and 100 X 100 mounting holes. The total arm length reaches 16.5″ with a 31″ center post. This stand comes is a black matte finish.

– Tilt: -45 to +45 degree
– Swivel: 360 degree
– Rotate: 360 degree
– Height adjustable
– Integrated cable management system
– Monitors can be installed either in portrait or landscape shape
– Fully adjustable arms
– Vesa Standard: VESA 75 (hole pattern: 75 x 75 mm), VESA 100 (hole pattern: 100 x 100 mm)
– Center Post is 31″ tall and the mounting brackets are exactly 29″ on center (apart), please see product diagram for further details

Product Features

  • COMPATIBILITY – Holds Four Screens up to 27″ and 17.6 lbs each with VESA Mount (75 X 75 & 100 X 100 mounting holes). Warning: Please do not pull monitor(s) too far forward or backward unless the stand is bolted down, as this will cause stability issues
  • MOTION/ARTICULATION – +45 degree to -45 degree tilt, 360 degree swivel, 360 degree rotation, and height adjustability to provide ideal viewing angles. Center Post is 31″ tall and the mounting brackets are exactly 29″ on center (apart)
  • CABLE MANAGEMENT – System integrated to keep potentially messy cords clean and organized
  • STAND BASE – Newly designed and built to provide excellent stabilization while maintaining a super low profile
  • WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED – Sturdy steel design is backed with a 3 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY and friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns

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3 thoughts on “VIVO Quad Monitor Mount Fully Adjustable Desk Free Stand for 4 LCD Screens up to 27 inches (STAND-V004P)

  1. I like this product a lot I like this product a lot. I have a few minor quibbles.Pros:It is sturdy enough to handle 4 large monitors.Indeed, I mounted a 28″ monitor on the top left; 21″ on the top right; 24″ on the bottom left; 27″ on the bottom right. I _think_ I could mount a 27″ monitor on the top right, but certainly a 24″.The monitors can be positioned individually and very nicely. But see below for some caveats.Cons:Another…

  2. You Won’t be Disappointed !! Good quality. Great value. The instruction guide was better than expected. I took a little time to do some planning and measuring and things came together nicely. The cabling management on this unit helps keep everything tidy and the Allen wrench keepers on the stand lets me tighten or loosen the configuration without having to scrounge around and find the darn tool again! I’m a little ADHD so some of you might now what I’m talking about. You may want to consider using longer cables…

  3. Love the stand, but assembly issues and instability are hard issues While I really like the stand, there were no instructions for assembly when I received it. I finally found a manual on-line and though the manual didn’t align 100% to the product I was able to finally puzzle out assembly.When I got my monitors on this it was extremely heavy and awkward. The arms kept wanting to swing. It took 2 people to get this on my desk. So long as the monitors are somewhat back, it stays balanced on my desk, but I worry about what would happen if there is any…

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